Theatre Around the Corner

     Theatre Around the Corner (TAC), a volunteer non-profit organization registered in the Province of B.C., has celebrated already 27 years of its continuous existence. Three dozen full theatrical productions (in Metro, Robson, James Cowan, Studio, Gateway, Presentation House and  Waterfront theatres), ten evenings of poetry and jazz, three original cabarets, three staging of children’s ensemble, three guest productions and one costume ball in the Theatre. From a medieval market farce and the immortal comedies of Goldoni and Moliére, from Czech time-honored classics of Jirásek and Klicpera, continuing with  masterpieces of Čapek, V+W+J and Burián and going all the way to contemporary plays by Havel, Kohout, Klíma, Ringo-Čech, Koenigsmark, Vostrý, Procházka and Goldflam: what a multicolored spectrum of repertoire, what a cornucopia of memories and unforgettable occasions! 

    A span of twenty seven years. Over fifty productions, one hundred and twenty performances, sixteen thousand times someone sat in our audience. A hundred and twenty times a handful of enthusiasts stood behind the curtain and suffered from stage fright in spite of weeks and months of dedicated preparation. Archives tell us that more than a hundred and eighty Czech and Slovak immigrants passed through the back-stage twilight of the Vancouver’s Czech theatre. Some have just briefly tiptoed through, some lingered longer and some became addicted to the narcotic effects of the stage dust laced with cheap make-up,  and to the feeling of light-headiness and shaky knees prior to stepping out into the spotlight, so much that they kept coming back for another fix all those long years. Whether on the stage or behind it, whether performing in starring or silent  parts, whether painting the risers or giving away smiles while collecting ticket stubs, they all gave the essential DNA to the life of Czech theatre in Vancouver! To one of the very few local theatre companies exhibiting any degree of longevity in this embryonic metropolitan city.

   Theatre Around the Corner - a thriving theatre breathing the fragrant rain-forest air of the Canadian West while using, unbelievably, a language of distant central Europe. A Czech theatre which blossoms on Pacific shores!

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Theatre Around the Corner - Directors (2012-13)
Nora Linhart
Klára Brauseová
Bronco Hyrman
Michelle Linhart
Radka Zelmanová