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Last Production Was:

Jiří Brdečka

Limonádový Joe (Lemonade Joe)

Lemonade Joe, or the Horse Opera (Czech: ''Limonádový Joe aneb Koňská opera'') is a 1964 Czechoslovak acid western comedy film, directed by Oldřich Lipský and written by Jiří Brdečka, based on his novel and stage play. The film, a musical parody of old-time Westerns, enjoys a near-iconic status in the Czech Republic as well as a considerable cult following, and Henry Fonda was reportedly among its foreign admirers. The film was selected as the Czechoslovakia entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 37th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Perhaps less known fact is that Lemonade Joe was already presented by Theatre Around the Corner (TAC) once before. This was back in 1986 !! (see our List of Productions).

Three members of the original 1986 cast were back after 27 years - Vít Suchodol (was Lemonade Joe, now Hogofogo), Oldřich Paták (was Hogofogo, now ...) and Peter Bugar (was Doug Badman, now director). With them, you could see some other familiar faces but make no mistake, we had a significant help from many young newcomers, especially the cancan dancers !!

As always, we appreciate you coming to see our productions and we hope that Lemonade Joe brought a smile and a good time into your evening.

Thank you, yours truly,

Theatre Around the Corner

Where ?

Inlet Theatre, 100 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC

When ?

21 - 23 November 2013 at 8:00pm

Movie Trailers:

Michelle Linhart has put together a movie trailer from our rehearsals of the Lemonade Joe. You can see it on YouTube:

Trailer No.2

Another movie trailer from our rehearsals of The Conquest of the North Pole - again, you can see it on YouTube.

[ 19 November 2012 ]

Trailer No.1

Michelle Linhart has put together the first movie trailer from our rehearsals of The Conquest of the North Pole - you can see it on YouTube.

[ 11 November 2012 ]

Photogallery - The Marriage Contract

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[ 14 September 2010 ]

Photogallery - Servant

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[ 22 August 2010 ]

Photogallery - Blue Face

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[ 18 July 2009 ]

Photogallery - Driving Miss Daisy

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[ 3 February 2009 ]

TAC receives GRATIAS AGIT Award

Theatre Around the Corner received the 2008 GRATIAS AGIT award from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic ...

Kliknutím otevřete fotogalerii

[ 3 October 2008 ]

Photogallery - Circuit

We've posted photos from our last production. Go to photogalleries to view.

[ 12 August 2008 ]

Review of "Circuit"

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[ 20 July 2008 ]

TAC celebrates 30 !

Theatre Around the Corner (TAC) celebrates 30 years!! See photos here...

[ 26 October 2007 ]